Conditions shall apply to all trading between Confident Laboratories Ltd and the dentist or laboratory with regard to custom made dental appliances from Confident Laboratories.

Turnaround Times:

Crown and Bridge – 5 working days

Implant cases – 5 – 10 working days (complex cases may take longer so it is advisable to call to confirm timings).

Express – 2/3 working days – please contact us to discuss beforehand and you will be advised of any additional charge.

Working days do not include pick up or delivery days.

All work is delivered non-sterile.

Delivery method is either by courier, carrier or post.

We reserve the right to charge for premium delivery services when time allowed is less than requested.


All dental products created at Confident Laboratories carry a 2 year guarantee. The guarantee is your assurance that quality materials have been used during manufacture. This guarantee does not cover any clinical failures or surgery costs incurred.

This guarantee is deemed void if the terms and conditions of the medical directive have not been met and consent for case continuation was given.

Accidental physical trauma is not covered under the guarantee.

Confident Laboratories cannot guarantee any dental appliance that is based on a faulty model. Impressions will be treated as accurate unless obvious flaws or omissions are visible when we will contact the client to discuss possible solutions.

Remakes to new impressions will normally be charged at 50% of the original invoice.

Terms of Payment

1. Unless otherwise arranged, payment should be received no more than 14 days from the date of the statement.

2. We will require an interim / part payment to keep your account within agreed credit limits unless a temporary increase is agreed.

3. We reserve the right to withhold further deliveries of cases if payment is not received within 30 days of the statement date.

4. We reserve the right to charge interest on accounts, overdue by 60 days or more at the rate of 4 % per month.

5. We reserve the right to request payment prior to dispatch of products if our payment terms are not adhered to.


All prices are subject to alteration without prior notification.

We are pleased to be able to offer shade taking at the laboratory for free. Shade taking outside of the laboratory may incur a charge – please call beforehand to confirm.

Products Liability

Appliances are constructed to the specification prescribed on the laboratory docket. Confident Laboratories are not responsible for the suitability of that specification.

By fitting an appliance in the patient’s mouth, our client accepts that Confident Laboratories has produced the appliance to the specification and satisfaction of client.

Any work requiring a remake should be returned to Confident Laboratories within 15 working days of the invoice date and Confident Laboratories will return the re-made work to the client again within 15 days. If – after remake – the quality of the work still does not meet the guaranteed standard, the work may be returned within 15 working days after the invoicing date for a refund which again will be processed upon receipt of the returned work.

A dental appliance that fits the master model poured from the original impression supplied by client and which is created to the specifications on the prescription of the client, but subsequently has to be remade is not considered a remake.

Confident laboratory makes every effort to interpret and follow the client’s instructions correctly. If, however, a mistake is made Confident Laboratory will rectify the situation free of charge as quickly as possible. The laboratory however will not compensate dentist’s fees, consequential losses or expenses of any kind.

Confident Laboratory will endeavour to deliver work on or before the delivery date as specified on the prescription. If for any reason we have not been able to do this the laboratory will not compensate dentist’s fees, consequential losses or expenses of any kind.

Confident Laboratory is not responsible for any choking hazard caused by any manufactured dental appliance, due to faulty prescription, poor fitting or misuse.

The client is responsible for any additional costs or charges incurred through changing instructions or delivery dates after the work has been accepted by the laboratory.

Staged cases

During production of product relying on steps or stages, it is the clients responsibility to assess the fit after each production stage and not only at the time the end product is finished. Any remake requests done after acceptance of a product at any stage, cannot be considered a remake and will be charged for in full.